Jessica (theglitterqueen) wrote,


Chicago has exhausted me! I have a blister on the bottom of my foot, but I love walking EVERYWHERE, me and my dad are walkers. Miles and miles a day....

I think one day I am going to become a modern/contemporary artist. Only by then it will be post-modern-contemporary art or somthing.....

Anyway, I love to paint, and well, and if painting a canvas solid blue is genius, I think I can do even better than that. For the hell of it. Fuck art school, I am JESSIE BEANS.

I am also, a deciple of Tao Jones, the original nail polish artist, whom I'm sure will be featured in a gallery someday.....his apartment has something like 300 peices in it, covering the entire thing, they have to leave SOME TIME. I have some peices of his, I bet they will be worth money someday....I miss BOB! AHHH!

How do you call someone up that you haven't talked to in a couple years, who was part of your not so pleasant past (although was the main positive thing from it)....? I dunno, Bob.....he could be dead for all I know. Doubt it, it would've been a freak yoga/hiking accident that did him in. He'll live to be 100, I bet.....

Anyway, Chicago is great. Can hear Lollapalooza from my hotel room.

And I am SLLEEEEPY and need to get up early to see more more more of this HUGE city before I leave for the airport tomorrow! Eeeee! XO-jess
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