Jessica (theglitterqueen) wrote,


They said they would send a check and a copy of the mail, but AMANDA AND I HAVEN'T BEEN GETTING OUR MAIL!!!!!!!!!!

I was expecting important mail from many places, and called them all, they all said they sent it, it should be here by now.

Our mailbox has been COMPLETELY EMPTY for about 2 weeks junk mail even. We usually get it every day.

We are BOTH expecting things, and getting NOTHING.

SO who knows if I'll even get my refund. FUCK! This sucks....

Amanda called the post office and they said they know we are here, our address is correct, there was no mail on hold for either of us, it should be coming FINE. Who knows.....Some of my mail still goes to my moms though.

Sonofabitch, I dunno.....I am ANNOYED THOUGH!!!!!!

We called everyone, the landlord said no one else has complained. WHAT IS GOING ON!!?!? WHERE IS OUR MAIL GOING? Why would anyone steal it?

The MAIL MYSTERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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