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Today ROCKED!!!!

It was nice to have a day off in the middle of the week!

Last night I went to Bleachers (the only bar close to Heather and I with Darts) and played darts with Heather and Eric.

Then I slept till NOON! And caught up on my sleep.

Then I ran errands and got shit done.

Then I ran around greenlake TWICE (about 6 miles total, I usually only go around once) and did some yoga afterward and enjoyed the sunshine while it was here!

Then I came home and the apartment was CLEAN! Amanda and Orlando cleaned it and moved Orlando's boxes to a place other than the middle of the room.

So I did FURTHER CLEANING, and scrubbed the shower, toilet, sink, vacuumed, finished the dishes etc....

Then I posted all of my pics from Chicago online.

And now I am here, doing this, wondering if I should go to bed, or complete something else from my list......

We'll see how it goes.

Anyway, it was nice to have a GET SHIT DONE DAY, still need to work on MY ROOM, which is nuts from vacations and the yard sale and never sleeping there. THere are clothes all over and stuff rummaged through and whatnot, and I can't beleive I've let it go so long, but since I have been sleeping at Erics 5 nights a week, well, I haven't been LIVING in it myself. So yeah, me at home=CLEANING TIME!

Also need to practice guitar more, although I've been trying to record at Erics, it's going o.k.,will get better I hope. Mostly it's me being moody and weird about it.....recording does WEIRD things to people. He even got weird when he was recording basic song idea's to show the rest of the band for the next F&D album, and that was just basic stuff. It just DOES something to a person.....

Anyway, I have so much to do! I signed up for Oct I HEART RUMMAGE!!! JESSIE BEANS IS BACK!

gotta get some new stuff made, and maybe come up with a better booth display. I signed up for I HEART INDIE HOLIDAYS too, and that is a 10X10 booth, and I need to come up with display ideas! CHEAP display idea's for that much space! Never had that much before, but I can easily fill it, just gotta make it look good too!

All I am doing is IHR and IHIH this year, 4 shows, easy to manage, no excess of stress, and still able to work on recording and playing my first show! Which can't really happen until I get a demo together....blah.

Anyway, always so much to do, never know what to do least today I got stuff done!
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