Jessica (theglitterqueen) wrote,

The Bridge Motel

Apparently it's closing, and they are having a huge-ass art blowout at it tonight.

It is RIGHT next door to me, like, I can see it from my window as I write this. The lines are hugs and there is a TON of alcohol, as you can tell by the red cups, but the lines are HUGE and I am this. Apparently there are exhibits in all of the rooms. Would go and try and get INSIDE (looked around outside), but I am tooo tired to deal with it, and have to get my other shit done.

The Motel Project:
"The Bridge Motel on Aurora is seedy and haunted, with needles in the sheets, a stream of suspicious characters, a history of murder. It’s being torn down this month, the residents have moved out, but, for one night, it will become a playground for inventive artists like Paul Rucker, PDL, Jack Daws, Implied Violence, dk pan, and over a dozen more. There will be food, installations, performances, music, and motel furniture in the parking lot, which will become the lounge. It’s going to be weird and great." (Brendan Kiley)

Sat Sept 15 at 5 pm
Bridge Motel
3650 Bridge Way N
Seattle (Fremont)

Apparently there is no street parking, and ppl in my building with no garage space are pissed.

Kinda cool, kinda annoying.

Lights go out for good on the Bridge Motel at midnight.

Might have to go check it out and break in once it's compeletely abandoned before they tear it down, like us shit-tac kids did with the Airport Motel. Fun times.

They say they are going to put up 1 million dollar town houses there instead, sad. I kinda liked that motel, driving by it all the time. Oh well, shit happens. I gotta go to Erics tonight to gather more IHR music 'cause I am DJING there tomorrow! Yay! To be away from this chaos will be nice....I am too tired to enjoy it tonight. I want PEACE, not hundreds of drunks outside my window, watching me watching them from my window, who prolly saw me walking around in my bra earlier, before I realized there were 800 ppl outside. Damn.
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