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So, I am officially addicted to Eric.

I've spent 6 nights in a row there, it's been awesome, yet exhausting. But it's been nice to escape the scent of dirty clothes and feet in my living room...bleh...however, I was going to stay at my moms one night, and was chillin over there watching a movie, and he called and was like "You can just come over here...", and I drove all the way from Bothell to see him! It was the night of our 6 monthaversary though, not that we had anything planned, but damn. I love that man.

The only problem is the not sleeping thing. We don't go to bed earlier than 2am EVER, generally more like 3 or 4.....dunno how the fuck we do it! I am usually falling asleep while Eric watches t.v.

We do sleep very well and deeply together though, it's nice. Don't want to get up in the morning!

Last night we went to 9lb and met up with Aaron and Wren, and then Steve Kim (my old bass teacher). Eric wanted Steve's advice on a part he was working on.

I was going to go to the Flaming Bitumen and meet Andrew, but I was soooo fucking tired last night, and I took a huge long shower and a nap and didn't get out until after 10, and it started at 9pm. So, oh well, I'll catch them next time.

We ended up at a table with 5 bass players in this bar (9lb Hammer), drinking and eating peanuts (me resisting this time though, because I am doing a toxin/colon cleanse), talking bass talk. It was pretty rad.

I sat kind of quietly, they were all older, knowledgeable men talking bass jargon.

It probably made me seem like an uninterested girl, but I was definitely intersted, just didn't know as much about bass models as them, so it was cool to listen to it. In 10 years I'm sure I'll be all up in the "Why are rickenbackers so popular when no one we have ever met likes the way the sound?", and "What's up with Gibson les paul basses", and "Why are fender jazz basses so damn fucking rediculously unaffordable-and what can you do to recreate them for less", and the awesome "We all love Fender P-basses, esp. vintage American (or Japanese made) ones".

Yeah, bass player geek talk. I am learning, I am 10 years younger at least than everyone there though, at least I have a lot of knowledgeable people to learn from!

Anyway, we woke up and went over to Steve Kims today, and Eric got advice on his part, and we got to see his rad studio set up, and it was nice. He got to play Steves 64 Fender Jazz Bass too, although it sounded really brassy when he was playing it, and I think his p-bass sounds better. Then we went and got coffee and might go swimming later.

I took a nap when I got home (I HAVE TODAY OFF!!! YEAH!!!), to make up for lost sleep.

Anyway, it's been fucking crazy lately!

I do wayyy too much shit! I taught a kick-ass screen printing/textile painting class last Sat., which got rave review, and it suddenly so popular we had to add another session in Oct, which is half full already.

A full class = me making $40 an hour! Only for 3 hours, but yeah, pretty sweet pay!

I am also getting teacher pay at Beadworld for assisting a birthday party this Sat! It's so nice not to be dirt poor for once! Although, I am fucking beat and working to the bone! I had a totally lax summer though, with lots of vacations and minimal working, so it's nice to be busy again!

And I have IHR AGAIN! EEEEEK!!!! Totally stoked, 2 weeks to get a bunch of new shit together! Ahhh! Well, it'll be fine, I ALWAYS make too much stuff.

Plus Eric and I started working on music again, which is going well, so so so well with his beautiful bass lines behind me. Still, a lot of my stuff sounds like I need drums though....but whatever, it's going.

Anyway, I am busy busy busy, doing so many things I've always wanted to do with my life all at once, being mucho productive.....doing wayyyy too much shit, but well, getting it done. SO yeah, it's crazy, but fun!

I'll make something of myself in this world.....
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