Jessica (theglitterqueen) wrote,

After Christmas

I made it! I'm alive! Barely....

I think I have a nasty sinus infection though. oye.

The city is after me because I haven't filed my quarter 3 taxes, although I had NO BUSINESS ACTIVITIY, and they never sent me anything in the mail or otherwise telling me WHEN they were due, and I always file online and now my login shit online isn't working.

I hope this doesn't fuck up my credit.....the main taxes always get filed, these quarterly sales tax things are only applicable once a year, and I do it all with my income taxes. I wish they would just SEND ME A STATEMENT IN THE MAIL TELLING ME I NEED TO FILE "NO BUSINESS ACTIVITY" and WHEN. Instead I get nothing, I DID change my address, and then 2 months after they were due I get threatening phone calls. This actually happened with quarter 2 as well.

Whatever. This is boring shit.

Don't even go into my apartment anymore. It's scary. Don't know where I'm going to move.

Living alone in a studio sounds good, but shitty also. And expensive. Erics house is TOOO SMALL for anything.

Thinking about moving again just depresses me, makes me want to jump off a cliff onto a metal fence stake so I don't have to deal with it ever again.

Perhaps this comes from the fact that I am reading the Virgin Suicides currently though. Amazing book, gorgeously written by the way, only depressing to depressed people like myself.

Eric got me ghost world the movie (I did miss it!), and the original comic for christmas. Plus another book and a very expensive vintage suit that fits me wonderfully and a spa treatment.

It was a good christmas.

My mother got me massive amounts of "MADE IN CHINA" mail order shit, per usual.

My the best/worst item were the sunglasses with a AM/FM STEREO AND HEADPHONES BUILT IN TO THE ARMS!

They are hideous and rediculous, but would've been amazingly awesome in 1990 to use as you were breezing down the boardwalk in your sweet new roller blades. That shit would've been hip.

Now, it's bullshit.

She also got me a crappy 1 gig MP3 player/voice recorder that doesn't work with Macintosh's.

I avoided telling her I have my own new ipod now, courtesty of mein vater.

The voice recorder part would've been useful, but again, Macs can't work with Windows.

Way to go mom!

I hate that woman. She pouted all day because she only has a few presents to unwrap since I made her a bunch of (REALLY NICE) jewelry and put it all in one gift bag. Individual boxes, one bag.

She individually wrapped every pair of socks she gave me. So whatever.

I need to move far far away.

The cold is getting to me so much here. I desperately miss the warm California water and beach and sunshine.

One of my fillings is coming loose from last summer.


It is painful. I will prolly need another root canal, possinbly will lose a tooth on the other side too.

I dunno what the fuck is up, I have NO MOUTH PAIN, my dentist TELLS ME I HAVE A CAVITIY, then I GET IT FIXED, so it should be ALL BETTER FOR A LONG TIME, then after the fillings I can no longer chew on that side of my mouth, then I get a root canal, then I loose my tooth.

This is what happened last time at least. Maybe me teeth reject fillings.

Sonofabitch. I can't really chew on either side of my mouth anymore. It's miserable. I hate the dentist. Everything was supposed to be fixed last summer. After using all of my available insurance money, and then getting incredibly ill from them fucking up my mouth, it was supposed to be better. It's not.

I hate my life. Kill me now PLEASE. I'm probably going to die soon of some weird disease anyway.

Have to get my thyroid checked again in a couple months.

It's no longer stable anymore. If it checks out good this next time that'll be good. But the sting of the cold tells me it's crapping out again.

Anyway, I am going to go back to organizing my beads. I am on Erics computer, supposed to be figuring out my taxes.

I rarely get to use his computer because it's his life and his business and always on the verge of crashing with all the graphic design shit on it. He keeps meaning to buy more ram, but never does, and thus, generally won't let me touch the computer.

I HAVE to get my taxes in soon, i'll have to call them and figure this all out again. Sonofabitch. This sucks. Plus I have a $45 business licence renewal due by next week too, damnit! I hate money.

I need sunshine.....
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