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theglitterqueen's Journal

9 June
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80's music, accents, afi, art, ash, at the drive in, bach, bass, beauty & the beast, belle & sebastian, bisexuality, black rebel motorcycle club, britian, britpop, bubbles, cabaret, cherries, chopin, classic rock, classical music, clothes, concerts, cosmetics, depeche mode, disney movies, djing, doves, drama, dream theater, elbow, elbow gloves, esitu, ewan mcgreggor, fairies, feeder, fishnet stockings, glam rock, glassjaw, glitter, guitar, hats, haven, hot topic, idlewild, interpol, jeff buckley, jelly beans, jimmy gnecco, jj72, johnathan rhys meyers, joy division, kenna, king adora, kittens, las vegas, licorice, literature, london, longwave, make-up, making clothes, manic street preachers, mansun, mermaids, milla jovovich, miss black america, moodtyme entertainment company, morrissey, moulin rouge, movies, mull historical society, muse, music, music theory, musicals, my vitriol, nada surf, new order, nowhere, oasis, orgy, ours, people, piano, pj harvey, placebo, platform shoes, playing bass, playing the guitar, producing, psychology, queen, reading, refused, requiem for a dream, rufus wainwright, scotland, seafood, seattle, self-expression, sewing, sex pistols, singing, smetana, south, starsailor, stereophonics, stone roses, suede, sunglasses, supergrass, tctc, teenbeaters, the (international) noise conspiracy, the 70's, the 80's, the beatles, the charlatans, the clash, the cooper temple clause, the coral, the cure, the d4, the datsuns, the faint, the living end, the music, the pixies, the shins, the smiths, the stills, the strokes, the u.k., the unicorns, the verve, third eye blind, thursday, too close for comfort, travis, turin brakes, u2, union jacks, vampires, vegetarianism, velvet goldmine, watermelons, weirdness, writing, writing music, yeah yeah yeahs