Jessica (theglitterqueen) wrote,

Since when did I become a cool kid?

Man, yesterday ROCKED!

I LOVELOVELOVE DJing at IHR! Soooo fun and encouraging.....

I showed up and the awesome Naomi had her lion BEANS sitting with a gift for me at the DJ booth! Some wonderful estate sale pearls which will be awesome for 1960 Mad Men Dress Up Thursdays! Eeeeee, they were great!

And then the croc staff brought me a drink for not being a sucky DJ. I thought it was just orange juice, then I took a sip and it had bubbles, so I thought it was just some fancy sparkling juice (IHR had a IZZE sparkling juice promotion that day too, so sparkling juice was on my mind). And I was really thirsty so I drank it down really fast, and then all of the sudden it was like "WHAT!?!? I feel TIPSY!?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK!?!? Was there ALCOHOL IN THAT DRINK!?!?!?"

And then I looked at the menu and realized what it was-a mimosa. Champagne and juice or yes, there was alcohol, although I couldn't taste it whatsoever. So I was almost drunk at like 1 o'clock in the afternoon, OOOOOPS.

Then I had their delicious Tofu from Heck, since the DJ gets a free meal from IHR, soooooo yummy.

And everyone always comes up and tells me how much they love what I am playing, and it just makes me soooo happy! This one girl insisted that I must get out there and promote myself and try to get a club gig, because she would totally come just to hear me play and there are a lot of places in desperate need of a DJ like me....

So, who knows......could be fun! But, the equipment isn't MINE, and as a club DJ, well, what if my boss tries to book me on my club nights, and what if I just say no, but he says he needs the equipment for someone else....such a risk.....

Some clubs HAVE the equipment, and you just bring the music. Most places are like the Croc, where you bring CD players and Mixer and use their amp and speakers.

Anyway, yeah, might be worth looking into......damn.

Anyway, it rocked! I always thought I had terrible taste in music....mostly because punk-rock-snobs like Joey would throw my disc man across the room when I played him things I was into. Apparently now the old shit-tac kids are HARDCORE into britpop, now that I am out of that crowd for the most part. So says Josh on the occassions I've talked to him.

Not only is Josh getting super into it, he told me he was thinking about moving to England at some point to live for a while. Something that I dreamed about doing for YEARS.....something those kids gave me shit for, my anglophile thing. Apparently, I just became a trend setter, hahahahaha. Not really. It's just weird to hear they're suddenly in love with a lot of things they gave me shit for loving for years. At least they understand now...

Anyway, DJing IHR is totally encouraging of my musical tastes. I don't know where naive, uneduacted, country music lover (there will ALWAYS be a place in my heart for country though) Jessica went? I used to be a musical/pop culture idiot, now I am a beloved DJ? Well, strange how that works.

So weird all how all of things that made you dorky before are suddenly the things that make you cool.

After DJing IHR, I drove home, and saw the Bridge Motel still had some action going on over there (apparently the party of the year, I went and looked at outside the night of), and then I went over there to check it out more now that it was less crowded.

A lot of the rooms were open, so I could just go inside, the old hotel manager and property manager were there cleaning up the mess from the night before.

I started talking to this guy Rob in a Bukowski t-shirt, who was a DJ/artist at the party the night before and who was staying in the room that his art was in. Apparently all of the artists have the chance to keep their art up there, and sleep in their room.

So I just sort of hung out there for a while, talked to Rob about music and DJing. He had a great collection of 45s, and he showed me his "art", which he had clips from his old cable-access show of short films playing the night before. Then his frinds came over, apparently it was his birthday, and we all just chilled out. The property manager opened up one of the rooms upstairs for us to see, since no one actually got to go up there, there were too many ppl.

Someone actually cut open the roof of this room on the second story of this motel, covered the floor in sand, and set up a camp fire in the room of the hotel for the party! How nuts! It looked really cool though. It was one of those metal bowl things (looks like a big metal martini glass), that had the fire in it, and that was on cinder blocks, so the place didn't burn down.

Yeah, so I just chilled out with a bunch of bohemians in an abandoned hotel for a while, listening to records and whatnot. It was cool.

Then Eric called, and his band practice was cancelled, and he was full of creative musical energy and asked me over to do music/recording.

So we got together, and rehearsed some of my songs. His bass lines are SOOOO wonderful, good lawd! I am soo happy to have him play with me! Except I DO write songs more for a band, and there are always parts that kind of beg for drums...DAMNITT! But, we'll see what happens. It was fun though! He definitely adds great parts to my songs, which is encouraging and got me more reenergized with the entire process again.

So yesterday was a rather fun, creative, adventurous and productive day!

Anyway, I have to go to work tonight, and I need to shower and get ready to go! Blah! Can't wait till Wednesday, my day off!
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