Jessica (theglitterqueen) wrote,


I'm still alive!


1 day off which yoga class will happen once again...then back to another 60 hours work weeek.

Have been accepted into Girl Seattle, will be selling at TWO shows on nov. 24th (one at Christinas business school thing which is SUPER CHEAP and they made bank at last year), and my booth with Naomi at IHIH, which will be fun.

Might end up selling with GIRL Seattle at UCU too....haven't worked that out yet, I could go one way or the other. If it's cheap between everyone in the group, and I'm not the only one supporting an entire booth space, then why not?

We'll see. I am insane and do too much and I am exhausted and sometimes want to drive off a cliff so I can get some decent rest (in a grave or a hospital....).

But I am going alright, and I am getting stuff done and the most exhausting part of it all is living out of my car and not having a workspace. Trying to figure out a solution to this....nothing is coming really.

Haven't slept in my own apartment in about 3 weeks. Basically since the work-as-much-as-you-humanly-can thing started.

My life is so odd...will it ever get any easier? Will I ever just get a BREAK? The only thing I get that is close to a break is a disease. An illness. I work myself until I can't work anymore and am required to sleep in bed on medicaiton for a week straight....

It's not easy.

Good things will come to me soon, right? I must be building up some good karma here, might I ever live with someone that will listen to me and respect me? Where we can have good company and personal space? It's just been One bad situation after another for me.....

I fear this will one day cause me to end up utterly alone in my only-child-syndrome-withdrawn-ness. In a studio apartment, utilizing my excellent escapism techniques to ignore the fact that I am utterly alone....

Such is life.
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